Status map


I have big problem. I configure all my windows, linux clients, switches. When i look at to my status map all my clients directly connected to nagios. and all servers says Parent Host: No (This is a root host). And there is no dependence.

How can i configure dependence and improve my status map.
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In host definition there is parents variable which you can use to make hierarchy.


I agree with Albin,
The configuration should look like this.

define host{
use generic-switch ; Inherit default values from a template
host_name (Hostname) ; The name we’re giving to this switch
parents (Name of the parent system)
alias (Location of the server(In my case)) ; A longer name associated with the switch
address (IP adres) ; IP address of the switch
hostgroups (Groupename) ; Host groups this switch is associated with

Good luck with it