Statuswml.cgi problem

Operating System: Linux (debian-Sarge)
Everything seems to be working brilliantly, except for the 3-D Status Map link. It prompts whoever clicks that link to download statuswml.cgi, if that file is then attempted to be opened with FireFox is just prompts the download again. I am using version 1.3 (stable) and have no other problems with the cgi’s except for this one.

One other item of note, when I ./configure’d everything said it installed fine, I remember being unhappy about it not finding the GD graphics library so I spent the day fixing that problem, so as far as I know everything is top notch.

I think I’ll quote someone on this one; I was wondering about this exact same thing a few days ago and jakkedup cleared this up for me…

“In order for 3d status map to work, your clients must have a 3d viewer and most will not by default. You could search around for one, for your particular web browser.”

So I’m going to check that out; try and find one for Firefox…

Edited Wed Dec 14 2005, 04:40PM ]