Strange Network Traffic

I have machine with two eth, eth0 is for host with can serve database, and eth1 for guests
eth0 and eth1 are in the same vlan,

eth1 no ip,
br0 no ip
tap0 no ip
tap1 no ip
tap2 no ip
tap3 no ip

bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces
br0 8000.18a905638a34 no eth1
I have two virtual machines:
virt1 with tap0 and tap2 (windows
virt2 with tap1 and tap3 (windows
all in the same vlan

when i telnet from host to guest, and run tcpdump on diffrent machine at the same lan connect through switch i saw all packets from 100 to 101. I see all trafic between host and guest on all my network 192.168.10.X why? on switch cisco bpdu on, spt on .