Strange Windows NRPE error

Hi all!

I’ve got Nagios successfully running. I have a Windows XP box with a mapped drive to a Windows Server that I want to monitor for connectivity (make sure the mapped drive is still established and doesn’t get dropped). I figured the easiest way was to have the NRPE client run a disk check on the mapped drive (G:). I have the client checking C: with no problems so I duplicated the command (changing the references from C: to G: and the command name) in the nrpe.cfg file and restarted the client. When I attempt to run the check manually from the Nagios box, I get a debug error [DEBUG : 11/03/05 15:37:35: GetDiskFreeSpaceE:evil:) returned an error]. However, when I run the command locally on the client from the command line, it works fine. I turned on debugging only to find that the check command returns the same information for the C: drive (which works) as the G: drive (which doesn’t). :frowning: Does the client actually call the drive by a different path other than the specified C: or G:? Any help would be greatly appreciated.