Struggling with NagVis and NDOUtils


I have Nagios running on a RHEL4 32bit OS and am having problems with NDOutils. My goal is to get NagVis installed but getting there is no fun. I have MySQL installed, I created a database called nagios and created a user as well. I am trying to run ./installdb (step 3 of the NDOutils document) but keep getting a message “installdb must specify a database -u user -p password -h hostname -d database.” Any suggestions?


The documentation is a little unclear on this point, so allow me to help!

all you have to do is tell it the database name, and the username and password you created for it.

That line assumes:
your database is located on the same server as nagios
your database is called "nagios"
the username and password you created are both set to “nagios”

if you put the line through that way, it should work.