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Hi all,

i am trying to modify my nagios a little. At the moment i monitor 60 servers with 340 checks. What i want is to see how many users are logged in in total. I have 9 terminal servers and i really dislike to keep on adding up all active sessions.
Is there a way to take the output from 9 checks and add them up? This could be very handy too if you want to know your cumulative CPU usage over x servers, same with memory.

Hopefully someone of you knows a trick for this :slight_smile:

I normally do this stuff with custom plugins, write a shell script which runs the single checks to the servers thorugh parameters
check_users server1

have it return the standard stuff and save the users in a db, plain file, whatever

use a different cehck to sum up the numbers for you and return them :slight_smile:

I even create RRDs for a very similar situation (users logged in on the different servers of a flight sim network)

Thanks for the reply! Well i eventually just pushed all output in a mysql db. Fronm there i just read the last distinct entries and sum that up. Bit of a work around but works quite nice, I see how much memory is in use on all servers at any time and i see how many users are logged on on my terminal servers. It is not much more then a gimmick, but it does look good for passing manager types :slight_smile:

i just noticed now that the request ws 2 months old… i need to check these forums a bit more often :mrgreen:

Just happy to see you back :slight_smile:

Happy to see somebody giving a bit back, way too few :slight_smile: