Terminating connections



We have a Windows 2003 Server running an application. The server is at and is named server1.domain.com

The app running on the server needs to speak with another host (server2.domain.com) at, however whenever I try to open the app I get the following error: “cannot reach server2.domain.com

So I ran Wireshark on Server1, filtered for, and can see the following:

  1. Server1 > Server2 SYN

  2. Server2 > Server1 SYN-ACK

  3. Server1 > Server2 ACK

  4. Server1 > Server2 > PSH-ACK

  5. Server2 > Server1 > FIN, ACK

  6. Server1 > Server2 > ACK

  7. Server 1> Server2 > FIN, ACK

  8. Server2 > Server1 > ACK

How can I find out what Server is causing the termination? I always thought that the termination process was FIN, FIN-ACK, ACK, not FIN-ACK, ACK?