The Documentation for Nagios 2.0 Stable [html Vs Pdf]

this is a matter of printed pages.
don’t ask me why, but about a month ago i printed the 2.x documentation (the pdf version, … 0_Docs.pdf the one updated the 09-02-2004 ), that’s 258 pages!
so when yesterday i downloaded the stable 2.0 version i took a look at the doc, it
looked the same (the 2006 version Vs the 2004 version) so
someone could ask Mr. Galstad if he changed anything or could i still use the “old” new 2.0 doc?


i suppose nobody here is in contact with Mr.Galstad so i think you should ask him by yourself.

I very well hope he made SOME cheanges because there were at least a couple of points which were taken from the 1.x docs and wer wrong for 2.0 (like the $OUTPUT$ or $SERVICEOUTPUT$ macros)