In the documentation, it’s recommended against setting host check_period to timeperiods other than 24x7 due to the potential of missing alerts. I did this to allow for regularly scheduled reboots. Is there a better way to use timeperiods to avoid needless alerts during regularly scheduled temporary downtime? My concern is that if a host doesn’t come back up after the reboot, I would like to know about it, but not about the fact that it goes down when expected. Possible?

Btw, I have only a single alert configured for each failure, no repeated alerts. Perhaps that’s why the above might not work for me…


Yes, that must be the reason. Have you tried to enable continuous notifications? Does it work when you turn them on. Because if your host gets down in a period out of the notification timeperiod window, Nagios would try to send the notification, but due to restriction of timeperiod it won’t, and won’t try in any further time…
Try to enable more notifications and check if it works. It should