Trends.cgi, Statusmap.cgi, Histogram.cgi

Hi all,
I am new in the forum and I introduce myself with a problem :smiley:

I installed nagios 3.0.1 and it works fine.
After some days I discovered that these 3 cgi didn’t work.
I checked on and he suggested me to check the libraries I miss (noone) and after do a devclean and a ./configure giving the right path (here the solution: )

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
This is the error I have:
Error: Could not open CGI config file ‘/etc/nagios/cgi.cfg’ for reading!
Here are some things you should check in order to resolve this error:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed a CGI config file in its proper location. See the error message about for details on where the CGI is expecting to find the configuration file. A sample CGI configuration file (named cgi.cfg) can be found in the sample-config/ subdirectory of the Nagios source code distribution.
  2. Make sure the user your web server is running as has permission to read the CGI config file. *

If I copy my cgi.cfg from /usr/local/nagios/etc to /etc/nagios it shopws me the 3 pages (but sure they didn’t work)

My question is: where I can set to apache/nagios that that also for these 3 pages it has to check the cgi.cfg file in /usr/local/nagios/etc?

Or…how can solve this problem?

Thanks a lot! !lol


Did you manage to get the solution for it??

I am having exactly the same problem.

Please reply ASAP please.

Farooq Ahmed