Trouble in my virtual paradise


Trouble in my virtual paradise,

I am using Linux and have KVM and QEMU installed to run my virtual machines. But before I continue, let me give you a very short run-down of what I expect from a “virtual machine”.

  1. Same or near same capabilities of my real host for every virtual machine. That is, unless I specify an inferior architecture like pre-2000 machines.
  2. In emulation mode: modern architectures for ARM, SPARC or other processors.

Ad1 For Desktop systems, this implies HD sound systems, dual video heads and state of the art video adapters, connection to FireWire/USB interfaces, etc. So, in essence, a new and modern machine, albeit an virtual one.
But if all I want is a virtual server, then somewhat antiquated architectures/processors will do just fine.

Ad2 If do not use these processors or types of emulation, but I feel – maybe not righteous – that here also antiquated architectures/processor types are being addressed.

What is my case:
My base system is Linux, Intel HDA and dual head video controllers. I am using Windows XP in a virtual environment, as well as current or upcoming releases of a Linux distribution. I hardly use Windows XP, so the native resolution of display 1 – 1680x1050 – will foot the bill nicely.
Using a Linux distribution and trying to use both display 1 and display 2 will fail under QEMU/KVM. Only one display is recognized because of antiquated video emulation.

So, what do I need to fulfill my wishes? It certainly is not QEMU/KVM. So what about XEN? Can anybody give me a proper answer.

I might be the case that I am missing something, so please enlighten me.

110824: It seems that VirtualBox can support upto 8 virtual/physical screens. Alas, no speedup by KVM.