Trouble with BusyBox 1.33.x on UID 0 Unknown

I was hoping to find a BusyBox support forum, but this was what I was brought to. I am developing a BusyBox based minimal distro with current stable kernel (5.13.x). So far I had to back track to BusyBox 1.32.1 due that BusyBox 1.33.x has been giving me trouble with logging in (uid 0 unknown) and it won’t recognize root (due the uid number is 0 for root of course). I checked my passwd and group file and the id is 0 on the list. I am using pointers from both CLFS and Linux Journal DIY Minimal Distro. So far it seems 1.32.1 is unphased by this bug(?), and the only bug that has troubled 1.32.1 as far as I know is when you source /etc/profile a trash file will manifest from the directory you sourced from.