Troubleshooting NRPE


I require to monitor a Fedora 6 linux system using Nagios.I use NRPE to monitor this host.I have written a small script for checking the memory utilization.I have put that script along with other plugins on the remote system(Fedora 6 linu:evil: and given required permissions and ownership.I customized the nrpe.cfg file with a command, check_mem.Restarted the nrpe daemon and tried running from command line of the nagios server(./check_nrpe -H -n -c check_mem -a 90% 80%).It reports:
NRPE: Command ‘check_mem’ not defined
The other commands in nrpe.cfg are working fine.The script is running fine when i tried running it from the remote server there are no issues with the script.Not able to figure out why this is happening…request your help in solving this…

Thanks in advance…


Hi Divya

I believe you have to give check_swap in nrpe.cfg instead of giving check_mem