Trying to understand all the info

Hi all, newbie here. I’ve had WireShark on my computer for some time now and try to understand what is happening while I watch the code come and go on my screen.

I have a laptop which is one of many computers that use my wireless network. I use a Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card in my laptop and that is what I choose to capture when I am looking at the WireShark data.

But I notice that most of the computers on my wireless network show up in the stream. I use netscan to identify who’s who on my network so I know when I see a certain IP who’s computer it is that is putting this information in the WireShark stream.

Couple of questions.

Why are the other computers showing up in the stream. I realize that each of the computers probably communicate with each other and the wireless so the network knows where everything is. But it seems like its a lot more intrusive into my WLAN card than it should be.

How do I filter the stream so it is just my computer showing up in the information interacting with the network and internet. So I can see what my computer is interacting with. Is it TCP? Or if I use that in the filter am I removing too much information from the stream?


So no one huh? :frowning: