Ubuntu 13.10 guest on 13.04 host qemu-guest-agent


I want to get clipboard sharing working.

Using virt-manager

HOST: Ubuntu 13.04
GUEST: Ubuntu 13.10

I installed qemu-guest-agent on the guest from the apt repos and it said *** qemu-ga: transport endpoint not found, not starting**

I’ve asked on IRC Freenode #kvm. Someone suggested that a 13.04 host would not know how to talk to a 13.10 guest.
I find this hard to believe that there is not some standard that is mildly backwards compatible.
I think the error is too vague to be conclusive that its a version incompatibility. It sounds like a guess?

I thought surely there must be some diagnostic steps to take to check see going on?
I’ve googled this error but google doesn’t find anything?!?

I’ve also asked on IRC Freenode #libvirt and irc.oftc.net #virt but have not received any responses.

Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile: