Unable to connect to localhost/nagios


I have installed nagios using the Fedora quickstart instructions without any problems. I installed both nagios and the plugins and am able to start the service. When I connect to localhost/nagios/ as nagiosadmin, it returns with forbidden access to /nagios/. I’ve changed the password for nagiosadmin in the /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users file, but that had no affect.

Currently the permissions for the /usr/local/nagios/ are set to root for the user and group. All the directories under that have nagios set as the user and group.

I have a nagios user defined, a nagios group defined for which the nagios user is a member, and a nagcmd group defined for with nagios and apache are members.

Any suggestions to where I might look to resolve this?


Check the apache log for any error messages.
Be sure you change the password with this command:


having the very same issue, there has to be a fix.


What about avoiding the fedora quick start guide?

Three problem threads all using the same guide… :-/