Underworked server


I am monitoring 4000+ boxes from a 14-CPU Unix server.
I tried changing the scheduling settings in nagios.cfg to try to use all available resources on the Unix box; but scheduling still takes forever. Also, the Unix box seldom uses more than 3 CPUs when running Nagios.
What setting(s) do I need to adjust ??



What does that mean? Nagios never reschedules and checks?


I want the services on all boxes to be checked every 5 minutes; they’re taking 30+ minutes


Try the nagios docs suggestions first, and let us know who much it improved and what you did.
I assume you don’t have check_interval set to 15?
If you don’t get much improvement with what you change, perhaps we can help further. I do have a few suggestions if the docs don’t help much.


this is what I’m seeing on the performance info screen:

Active Service Checks:

Time Frame Checks Completed
<= 1 minute: 29 (0.9%)
<= 5 minutes: 274 (8.6%)
<= 15 minutes: 770 (24.2%)
<= 1 hour: 3178 (100.0%)
Since program start: 58 (1.8%)