Uninstall (locked-out) Starting fresh install


Hello to all here at the forum 8) I’m glad I found your forum.

Some facts: I am new to linux, Filling my why thru. How it started was a reinstall of windows and I had to call Microsoft to get a new key. Well I say to them up-urass. So I installed ubuntu 6.06.

I found Nagios and tryed to install on ubuntu. Just didn’t work out for me. I tryed to remove nagios from the machine. Quess what!! I have poop all over my machine. Nagios files seem to be all over the place. I have a folder on the desktop (nagios-2.5) that has a little lock on it. I don’t have a key to remove it from the machine. Why does a folder lock, me out like when my women does after a all nighter ? How do I unlock this folder and remove it from the machine ? or if I do a new install will this folder just get walked over on ?

Now the good news: I will never give-up or give-in. :wink:

Thank you for your consideration in this matter


I have good news.

I have deleted the nagios-2.5 folder the I was locked out-off using sudo rm -rf command. :stuck_out_tongue: