Unwritten status.log file

I am trying to install nagios, and everything seems to be working fine, but nagios doesn’t seem to be writing the status.log file for the cgi’s to read, and so the web interface doesn’t so much work, and I get the infamous ‘Whoops!’ error message on the website. Nagios itself gives me no error message, and the preflight check comes up clean. The nagios.cfg file and the init.d/nagios file both point to the same place for writing the status log, and the permissions of that directory are such that nagios can write it, and there is more than enough space on the machine. (And yes, I’m sure nagios is running.) Nagios just deletes any file named status.log on startup, and doesn’t recreate it. Is there some other config file hidden away somewhere that is looking for status.log elsewhere? Am I just being an idiot and completely forgot something?

Can anyone help?


perhaps you compiled nagios to use a mysql database for status info. I have no status.log file either.

no, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it (I did that at first, and I got a different error message). It’s not an issue anymore, though, I deleted everything and reinstalled from the debian package nagios-text, which is working fine in that the status.log file shows that it’s correctly running checks on the hosts, but the web interface doesn’t see any of the hosts when I look at the config page, even though it sees them all when I look at the scheduling option. I assume I have some cgi something configured improperly somewhere. Any idea what that would be?

The nagios documentation is very clear in how to setup apache for access to the cgi’s and html. Please try the docs first.