Updating 2.0b3 to 2.0. Instructions? Advice?

I’m running a 2.0b3 system. I’m interested in updating to 2.0. My system was installed from tar files, not the rpm version. What’s the easiest, safest, most reliable way to update my system?
Is there a how-to on this? Any advice?

backup the cfgs, recompile and move the cfg files back in.
you wil not need to "make install-config"
As long as you didn’t modify the installation with stykesheets or else you’ll get it working quite fast. It’s usually only ./configure -> make -> make install.

In the src directory of your old install you’ll find a configure.log file… in the first lines you should find the configure options you used compiling your present install, better use the same options so you don’t need to change anything in your setup.


You could also install the new version and have both running at the same time. See my sticky on the top of forum about 2.0doc problems.