Upgrade to 2.0 from 1.2?

Where can I find instructions for upgrading/converting nagios 1.2 to 2.0?

I see a lot of references to for downloading some php scripts to help in cfg file conversion but that website isn’t available. Anyone have an alternate download location for those?
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not much to do… but two main points to keep in mind:
Nagios 2 is still BETA.
Nagios 2 doesn’t support MySQL anymore so check that you have all your configs in cfg files…

Only problem i had while going from 1.2 to 2.0 was that some directive wasn’t present in the hosts file… i had to add one info to each service which previously was by host… (possibly the contact group)


PS: keep a backup of nagios 1.2 at least until you have 2 running fine if you don’t want Mr. Murphy to hit you hard. :slight_smile:

EDIT: forgot… what i did… compiled N2 from scratch and copied the config files over… :slight_smile:
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This isn’t good, I’ve built an entire site around 1.3 and RRD tool all database driven. So I really can’t upgrade to 2.2? there is NO db support period? why??? :frowning: … c.php?6194

Link above points out some items that may help you out. When I wrote that thread, I upgraded exactly as you. i.e. 1.2 to v2.x.
I can only suggest that you start using nagiostat instead of your mysql/rrdtool if you do plan on upgrading.

Other than the fact you have a great need for mysql, the upgrade is very quick, if you take into account the items I point out in the thread above.

I got it working I had no such issues save the contact_groups (which i posted in that other thread BTW).

Now I need to find a perl-ish way to take everything out of the database and put it in that flat file.

Perhaps I should make a smal conversion script, and freshmeat it or something :slight_smile:

There is nagios-db, which is delayed, cuz it takes info from the flat files and puts it in a DB I think. So maybe it wont really matter in the end. hmmm.