UPS Battery calibration via Nagios possible?


Hello everyone,

I’ve got a Nagios system set up that will eventually be monitoring all the switches, servers and UPS’ in my company. So far, I have all of our UPS’ configured with a few rudimentary checks (battery level, input/output voltage, temp, etc…), but I was wondering if it is at all possible to send a command with Nagios that would tell the UPS’ in my network to perform a self-calibration once a week or so and then read out those results. I have mostly APC-brand UPS’.

Would it also be possible to send out a message to a server to notify it of a critical situation on a monitored UPS? My goal with that is to send a packet to one of our Windows servers so that if power drops on a UPS, the server gets notified and will tell the servers attached to the UPS to begin shutdown procedures after X minutes. The programming for that would be handled by someone else, I’d just like to know if it’s possible for Nagios to actively notify a server in case of such a situation.