URL Tags and Nagios Email Alerts


I would like to be able to configure Nagios to include a link in the alert email that would include a hypertext link to get the email recipient into Nagios and to the page in trouble. Obviously they would need to move through the login screens as well, so this thng has to have meta-data or a link that will survice and be persistent enough to get me to the target page. I hope that makes sense. I think it does.

I am using Nagios in a very large server environment - I have over 800 indiividual hosts, and I am monitoring somewhere around 2800 services in addition to those 800 hosts. BTW - All on one fairly mundane little Dell 610 server, and the server shows no signs of being overloaded nor suffereing any ill effects from this large an implementation. Its running great, knock on case plastic!

I have edited the email pages and added my own link to the Nagios server, but its not bringing me to the specific page for that alert. Is that doable? Unfortunately the Nagios MUI does not show data in the address bar when you drill down into the pages for your alert. THe standard action for techs now is to get onto the Nagios server, find for the alert in Nagios using the IP or host name, and then address the alert starting there. I would love to be able to send techs directly into the pertinent Nagios page. I just need someone who is a better web guy than I am, which is every web guy…

Thanks in advance if you happen to pipe up!