User access

Can anybody tell me if it is possible to set up different users within Nagios that display different data.

What I would like to achieve is to have specific users for different servers that can be given to my users. So for example, to have a user maybe called finance that displays on host / service data relating to the finance servers or m ore usefully stats on finance servers.

Is this possible and how could i do it?


it’s in the docs. define a user as contact for that host/service and insert it into the .htpasswd file protecting the nagios site… be aware that authorized users may disable notifications or force checks which is something you possibly don’t want…


you can also define a superuser which controls the nagios server and all remote hosts. … ntactgroup

If a contact is a member of a contact group, they will see all hosts that this contact group is a member of, defined in the hostgroup “contact_groups” definition.

In other words
In contacts.cfg we have “user1” defined.
in hostgroup.cfg we have a hostgroup named “http servers” with members named “host1 host2 host3” and contact_group defined as “httpd admins/users”.
if you want user1 to get notified about problems and/or see the status of these http servers on the website, then put them in that contact group called “httpd admins/users” in the contactgroup.cfg file as a member. See the docs.

Remember, each user does not have to be notified, even if they are in a contactgroup that has notifications enabled. Just setup there contact.cfg defintion to NOT get notifications.

has anyone configured a user to only see hosts and services to those are linked to a contact_group

I have tried and failed. If you have completed this could you please give me some examples of the configs

thank you

You’ve already created a thread asking about this. No need to bump an inactive thread.

example is:
contact.cfg has a contact named test.
contactgroups.cfg has a group named test_admins and user test is a member of that group.
services.cfg has services with contactgroup test_admins defined as the contact_group.
When user test logs in, he/she only sees those services for which the service has a contactgroup of “test_admins” defined.

Remember, you actually have to be using authentication and actually log in correctly. Which I suspect, you are NOT doing.