Using iSCSI as shared storage on KVM



Hopefully someone can help me get my head around how this works. I thought iSCSI was identical to having a dedicated block device attached to your server. I’m struggling to see how it is used for shared storage of VM’s.

If I have an iSCSI LUN of 200Gb and I want to have 2 virtual hosts running VM’s located upon it, how do these 2 servers share the one LUN? I’ve seen that Citrix, with Xen can create storage pools and all VM’s are installed upon it but I can’t understand it :frowning: What filesystem would you install on the LUN? Does it use some cluster fs or other? It seems perfectly sensible how this works with NFS as each disk is a file on the NFS server, but with iSCSI I don’t get it.

I’ve searched far and wide and still can’t find my answer. Will someone please put me out of my misery!




Hi listerthrawn,

you could read in the Proxmox VE (which provides KVM an OpenVZ virtualization) the page about the storage model.

Perhaps this helps you to understand more how to use iSCSI targets with KVM.

Der Nasenmann