Using Nagios for File Transport


Is there a way to get nagios to watch and report on each individual file transported over HTTPS/SSL or a VPN connection? I’m a little green to nagios and Network Engineering. I’ve been thrust into this assignment from being a software developer.

oh this is “Nagios Version 3.2.1”

Nagios watching traffic over VPN

and what should nagios alert you of?

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I read the your other post first, and didn’t realize that you were actually answering my question with a question here.

‘What do want nagios to alert you of?’ - A file mesg has come through

We’ve thought of a couple of ways to do this… either can Nagios watch each file coming through on a pipe? (file size, name)
Or these files are stored into a directory, and Nagios is watching a directory, and reports via email on the directory about every file when it arrives?

My supervisor wrote it this way which doesn’t make a lot of sense: “transport monitoring for HTTPS/SSL and VPN file transport with examples of a remotely accessible UI serving 200+ client sites.”

“don’t post in multiple sections” - Not knowing where to post… Whether it is a plugin I need, or not. What would you have done in my situation?


You could write a script which alerts if a file goes through the VPN. How? don’t know, maybe somebody already did it… i don’t see a point in it. I don’t even know HOW to monitor traffic in a VPN as it is enrcypted i relaly doubt you can check WHAT is going through it.

When you have the plugin written, in nagios use the “plugin” you wrote and use the is_volatile option to have alerts each time it’s triggered or have a look at SNMP Traps.