ValueRegexTemplate for memory usage in nagiostat


allo ppl,
i have been using nagiostat for 2weeks. two days ago… started to set up the configuration for plotting a graph out of the memory usage output from the nagios.
i got struck up with the ‘ValueRegexTemplate’ to parse the memory usage percentage.

OUTPUT=“Memory usage: total:1228.69 Mb - used: 231.47 Mb (19%) - free: 997.22 Mb (81%)”

Can someone suggest me the regular expression to take the ‘memory used percentage’ (19 here…) pls…

my regular expression knowledge rating is close to 0 out of 10.
thanks in advance.


Oooh! tried different combination…finally i ended up with this… though it s a lousy one…it worked for my case


to get the memory used percentage.
if anyone got a better regular expression to handle this… u can suggest me to understand the regular expression handling better.