/var/run/Nagios.pid error!



Total newbie to linux and nagios.

I have installed nagios on a centos 5 server, I followed the instructions at nagios.souceforge.net/docs/3_0/q … edora.html

Everything seem to run and complete ok. However when I go and start the nagios service it fails.

In /var/log/messages

it reports You do not have permission to write to /var/ru

I am logged in as root.

Any help as I can’t find anything on Google.

Many thanks


I recommend a much easier to install Nagios as a newbie. I run Nagios on CentOS 5 and use the rpm for it instead. If you go to Dag’s rpmforge and add his repository (he has a HOWTO on that), you can install Nagios with “yum install nagios” and “yum install nagios-plugins”. It will install the config files to /etc/nagios and the core to /usr/lib/nagios.