Viewing multiple line output on web GUI under Nagios 3.02


Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to Nagios 3.0.2 which, according to the documentation, supports multiple line output for service and host checks, this is accomplished with the help of a new macro named $LONGSERVICEOUTPUT$.

I have written a shell script which I use as a plugin, it returns multiple lines of text as output (without performance data), I can verify this by running it manually.
Nevertheless, the web GUI only displays the first line of output for this plugin - this is a behavior I would expect from Nagios 2.x.

Is there anything which needs to be altered in the configuration to enable this new macro?
Has anyone been successful viewing multiple lines of plugin output under the web GUI on nagios 3.x-3.0.2? Any help on debugging this would be appreciated!

One thing to note is the fact that when I upgraded from Nagios 2.9 to 3.02, I retained my previous configuration files from version 2.9 and have only modified them slightly by removing a directive which was no longer supported.
This might be related as I guess the default configuration file(s) for 3.x include more options which do not exist under 2.9’s configuration files.



I have the same problem even on nagios 3.0.3. And i’m in the same situation - upgrading from 2.x to 3.x.