Hello everybody,
being a new member i want first to send an official “Greetings” to everyone participating this awesome (and also complex) project.

I managed to put up and running Centos 6.2 host and Windows 7 guest with virtio-serial communication.
Host side uses Unix Domain Socket to access virtio-serial ports, and guest side (Windows 7) use paravirtualized divers and simple test application.
But i measured high latencies (sround 200 us) and i guess it is related to Unix socket overhead.

My question is related to IN-QEMU API and this article:

Analyzing the qemu 0.15.1 source code i cound not find a way for to use these functions from my external test application.
Is it possible to link with in-qemu API externally? Or more precisely can i use host side virtio-serial directely without qemu chardev back end?

Thanks in advance
Dimitrije Dinic