Vsftpd and NIS

i have an issue where I’m using NIS for auth but I want the users home not to be the one listed in /etc/passwd for the user I want to use a single common FTP folder for everyone not their NIS home folders

blah-blah:19wayZlPU8rZs:1111:2001:Blah Blah:/home/blah:/usr/bin/tcsh - doesnt work
blah-blah:19wayZlPU8rZs:1111:2001:Blah Blah:/home/blah:/sbin/nologin - works

I can login as a user whos NIS account is set for nologin I can access the vsftpd site
When I try and login with the good user I get
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.

So it looks like my problem is that when the user logins in the system is trying to place them into their home folder not into the VSFTPD home.

any ideas?