Web interface gives 404 not found


I have just finished the ubuntu quickstart guide. after starting apache and nagios when I go to locahost/nagios-- 404 not found The requested URL /nagios was not found on this server

I verified apache and nagios are running but no dice, Verified apache is listening
root@NAGIOS-VM01:/etc/apache2# sudo netstat -anp |grep '^tcp.LISTEN’
tcp 0 0
LISTEN 5063/apache2
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 4655/cupsd
If I type in http:\localhost is get it works!

Where should I start to look



I have not installed Nagios on Ubuntu, but my first guess would be that the document alias in Apache is not set correctly.

Apache document root is typically something like /srv/www/htdocs, but Nagios probably wants to keep the files for the web interface in /usr/local/nagios somewhere. So your apache config needs an alias statement that sends requests for /nagios to the correct location.