Web Interface limitations


As I can see in changelog for version 2.0:
Changes since 2.0rc2 include:

  • Fix for segfault in timed event queue
    *** Removed length limitations for object vars/vals**
  • Updated config.sub and config.guess to versions from automake-1.9
  • Doc updates

does it mean that in “Status Info” for a service there is no any more limitation on the length of output?
I tried to show a long output but it was cut after approx. 300 bytes.


I have to assume, that the limitation for the object variables has been removed, but that still doesn’t mean that the web interface is formatted to display that much data. Again, that is only an assumption. I don’t really think I’d want to see an output that large, but apparently, there is a use for it.


hm, I also had the same idea, but having a look into the log files I realized that all outputs are truncated there as well.