Web interface not working


I added things that I thought was neccessary according to the documentation to the httpd.conf file o f my apache server. the apache server works however when I add /nagios to the localhost it tells me that it doesn’t exist. Why could that be?


check your document root.


Perhaps you didn’t follow the docs. An httpd restart is required.


by way, which document root are we talking about? and how would you change it?


the apache DocumentRoot, check the docs :wink:


the document Root is DocumentRoot “/usr/local/apache2/htdocs” That’s the default that comes with apache2. What should it be changed to?


Read the nagios docs
If you don’t have anything else running you need to point it to the nagios http files directory, if you have something else you need to create a virtualhost for it.



Why change the doc root for apache? It sounds like you really need to read the nagios documentation again. Nowhere in the nagios docs, do they tell you to CHANGE the apache doc root. The docs ask you to make an addition, not a change.

Seriously, we could just give you the answer and life would be good, but what good does that do you? Nuttin, since you really need to understand that the nagios documentation is not just an extra, but it’s mandatory reading and understanding.

Please make the changes that the docs suggest, and all will be good.


oh by the way I did get it, I did do it and it really felt good doing it myself, thanks to u. I had no intentions of changing the document root because then what would the alias be for?
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