Nagios shows (No Output!) when using plugin webinject v1.35 (www.webinject.org)

Running webinject from the command line gives:
WebInject OK - All tests passed successfully in 6.112 seconds |time=6.112;7;;0

The checkcommand is configured as follow:

‘check_webinject’ command definition

define command {
command_name check_webinject
command_line $USER1$/webinject/webinject.pl


does the command exist in $USER1$/webinject/webinject.pl with the correct permissions? My guess is that the dir webinject and the file .pl are not correct permissions for nagios.nagios.


The command does exist. If the command could not be found I would get a different error.


Thanks for the hint.
I reconfigured the webinject command between quotes and now it is working.