What happened to my last thread?

it disappeared
anyway i resolved my problems with the notif, the nrpe_nt, and so on
[thank you all]
hey do you really think i stopped asking question?
then you’re wrong! ahahahahahaha

so question n.1 today is…

is there a check_oracle for a win2k (using nrpe_nt) host?
(i couldn’t find any on nagiosexchange)

**quest. #2 **
my nagios is one hour ahead (the timezone is correct)
if it’s 8am it says it’s 9am
how do i solve that?

q2 is a repeat, so no repeat answer.
dunno about #1

Perhaps your thread got moved to the correct sub-forum? Check Nagios Installation Support, Nagios Configuration Support & Nagios Plugins Support. You can also locate all your postings via your user profile.