What is KVM equivalent for ESXi?


I’ve just started researching KVM, having previously used primarily ESXi (in conjunction with vSphere). I was wondering what is the closest equivlent to ESXi for KVM. I’ve installed the KVM driver module under Kubuntu and can use the associated tools for creating VMs under this Kunbuntu/KVM environment. I want something smaller and leaner than Kunbuntu though. ESXi itself is extremely stipped down and doesn’t require a lot of resources. Is there a Linux distro that’s similar to ESXi, with KVM and as little else as needed to provide a bootable OS?


You can install KVM on a minimal Centos machine.
Make sure you only install what is needed for KVM on the host machine.

Check out this tutorial
itscblog.tamu.edu/startup-guide- … -centos-6/