What Services to monitor on a Windows 2003 Server


Ive got a question about what services you should monitor on a Windows 2003 Server.
What i want to monitor is the services that makes the OS work… Not if the webserver is up or the sql server…
Ive been trying to find what services that are important for windows to run to be functioning properly…
Just like a base to know that the OS is working correctly…




Just noticed this thread with no replies so thought I might add my views in this.

Basically, you need to monitor CPU Usage, Memory, Paging File, Uptime and Ping response. For basic services, you can monitor the Server Service, Workstation Service, Windows Firewall/ICS if used, Event Logs using external script.



How to use windows eveng logs in nagios. You mentioned external script- can you post some sample and some guide on how to do this ?