Where is the nagios.cfg?


I installed nagios-1.2-0.1.fc2.dag vis the rpm nagios-1.2-0.1.fc2.dag.i386.rpm, but Ican not find the configuration file nagios.cfg. Actually, the directory structure is quite different from the on-line document. Can anyone help me to solve this problem because Nagios can not be run without the file. Thanks.


nagios.cfg is the main confgi file.u say that the path of ur installation is difft from that of default path right?ur nagios.cfg file is in the etc folder of ur nagios directory where it is installed.



rpm’s can be made anyway they wish it to be made. Using an rpm will make reading and following the nagios2.0 documentation very difficult, since you have to figure out the directory structure yourself.

but yea, it’s most likely in /etc/nagios

You could run
slocate nagios.cfg
and find it or use
find / -name nagios.cfg