Which Linux distro do you run Nagios on?


I noticed someone asking this question in one of the sub-forums, so I figured I’ll set up a poll.

(the listed options are loosely based on the most popular distributions according to the Linux Counter.)

Which distro

Mepis w/KDE 3.5


…which means you vote for ‘other’… 8)


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 mainly but we also have an installation on CentOS 5.2. Not much difference between the two.




Redhat EL4,5 AS Versions


Centos 5


Centos 5


Ubuntu 8.10

I have loved how Distros have evolved since back in the day. IMO, the CLI of Ubuntu and ones like it are right on track with ease of setup and use. The best part is the app-get. The time consuming process of figuring out what you need to build something you want to use is gone with this process. Back in the day it was very annoying to have to go to multiple sites, download what you needed and compile everything only to realize you needed something else because you wanted another option the software provided.

Proof in this is the rise of use of Linux. Kudos to Linux distro developers for getting this together. Oh and thanks to the repositories for holding all this info.


I use Nagios with Cacti (NPC).


I’ve used Debian in the past and Ubuntu presently…

… I ended up compiling from source in recent Ubuntu install, however, as I wanted v3 and the release of Ubuntu we had installed only had v2


CentOS 5.2 internally
RedHat 5.2 externally (customers)


CentOS 5.2 & OpenSUSE 11.1


In the last year, I’ve set up about three different Nagios servers, a different distro each time. Ubuntu, Centos, and Fedora. I’m also managing an older Nagios install on Debian that is well past due for an upgrade (need to replace the system entirely).

So which single choice do I make in the survey?


FreeBSD 7.1 - Fetching nagios updates from FreeBSD ports.


Love UBUNTU 8.10 / 9.04. Everthing just works!


CentOS 5.4 64 bit.

Have also run it on Ubuntu 9.10 server but prefer CentOS.


Ubuntu 10.04

Am testing it out locally before deploying on the server


I use Nagios with Externally Ubuntu 8.10
Internally CentOS 5.2


does solaris 10 on X86 counts ?