Whoops! Could not read host and service status information!


I’ve seen and read most of the topics about this problem, but somehow they dont help me atm.

Let me first point out that i didnt install Nagios… i “took over” the maintanance from 2 other people… so some stuff isnt “default” and i might have overlooked something while checking all the logs and cfg files… so bear with me pl :wink:

We’ve been running Nagios 2.0 (1.4.1 plugins) for a year or 2-3 now and it worked fine.
But since a couple of days now, i get the error “Whoops! Could not read host and service status information!” in the webinterface.

I checked the .cfg files (nagios, hosts, hostsgroups, cgi etc…) and they havent been changed since Nagios was installed.
Everything looks ok (all pointing to the right directories etc…)

WHen i run the pre-flight check, i get 0 errors (things look ok - no serious problems were detected…)
Apache.log also shows no errors.
The only “problem” i see is in Nagios.log where it says "Error: Could not lock status data tables in database ‘nagios’ "
But i dont know if that has anything to do with my innitial problem.

I read somewhere that you need a status.lock in ur /var/log/nagios directory… i dont have it. instead i have a status.sav.
When check nagios.cfg i see that it does create a status.lock, but then rewrites it to sav…

Any advice would be helpfull (besides “upgrade to 3.0” :wink: )


Comming back to that one error i found, "Error: Could not lock status data tables in database ‘nagios’"
Seeing that this error started around the time the problems started… i am rethinking my last statement :slight_smile:

So i went looking for a solution to that particular error, but again, all things that they mention are not helping me atm.

  1. I have no other nagios process running.
  2. the correct user:group permissions are set to the /etc/nagios directory

Anything else i could try??
(if you need a copy/paste of a certain log file let me know.)


Been at it (on and off) for a week now… i cant get it to work.
Any help would be appreciated