Why don't i have statusmap.cgi in /nagios/sbin?


there isn’t a statusmap.cgi in my system.
how can i get it?
when i type “make install-init”, it echo error message :

/usr/bin/install -c -m 755 -d -o root -g root /usr/local/etc/rc.d
install: root: Invalid argument
*** Error code 67

Stop in /home/src/nagios-2.0b5.

is it the reason that i don’t have statusmap.cgi?
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Your init scripts are in /usr/local/etc/rc.d? That’s weird, mine are in /etc/rc.d/init.d/ with a nagios file in it to start up nagios upon booting.
But no, that’s not why you are missing the cgi. It’s most likelly due to having an error during compile time, that you didn’t notice.
Do it again, and this time, pay close attention to the output. You will most likely see some error complaining about gd libs not installed.


thanks, i slove the problem about statusmap.cgi, trends.cgi, and histogram.cgi files by define gd location.
but, the problem about “make init” still confuses me.
my nagios works on freebsd 5.4

now i add “nagios -d nagios.cfg” in /etc/rc.local to setup nagios when system started.


If you are installing from source, it should figure out where the init scripts go, and create all the S and H scripts for you. You can also indicate where your init scripts should go.
Type ./configure --help for more details. There is no reason you need to make your init scripts yourself.
And no, nagios -d nagios.cfg is not the correct way to start nagios. It’s:
/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -d /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg


thank a lot, may you tell me where i should locate init scripts on freebsd 5.4?
and i know how to start nagios, i just simplify the expression.


I have the same problem, can I just recompile those cgi’s rather then the whole lot again? Just thinking what a pain it will be to change all those permissions etc…


When you install from source, the ./configure should have been able to figure out where your init scripts go. After it finishes, you are instructed by the script to run make install.
After that finishes, you are instructed to run make install-init or something like that, and so on and so on. After each run, you are given further instructions, so this time, please read them carefully, and you will see exatly where it installs the init scripts, if you choose to do so. I would, since I would hate to have to install all that by hand.


my init scripts are in “/usr/local/etc/rc.d” or “/etc/rc.d”, but it still echo error message!
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I dunno where they go for free bsd, but if you do, then you can specify that in the ./configure --with-init-dir= sets directory to place init script into