Will Wireshark monitor all Network Traffic?


I own a Macbook running on 10.5.7, and a Mac Powerbook G4 running on 10.4.6.

At the moment I’m researching and trying establish Network monitoring on my (wireless) network. I have installed Wireshark but haven’t been able to capture anything except traffic going to and coming from my own computer instead of the entire network.

Is there a method with which I can operate Wireshark in a manner that will allow me to capture all Network traffic on my Network? This seems to be possible with Ettercap and Cocoa Package Analyzer so I’d be surprised if it’s not possible with Wireshark.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




Hello E,

Look at http://www.wireshark.org/faq.html#q7.6.

I think it does not depend of wireshark itself.
It depends on libpcap, interface config and perhaps ethernet/wifi card and perhaps …

Look also at :



Thanks for the response. I have read those posts and they are helpful in understanding the issue but I have still yet to figure out a solution. This might be because I’m not a professional but admittedly / relatively new to network monitoring and the command line. Hence: The pages you recommended, although informative - are not something I completely understand how to work around.

any further thoughts?

Thanks again.


mm///interesting, as for me I use ProteMac Meter