Wincheck_counter trouble

Hi All,

i hope someone with a little more Windows commandline experience can help me out. I’m using the wincheck_counter.exe to monitor several performance counters on Windowsservers. I rarely have any trouble getting this to work, but this one is starting to tick me off because i can’t get it to work. In the performance monitor on a Windwos 2008 box i have this counter:

This is a teamed NIC. There are 3 others: TEAM : lan - Intel® PRO 1000 PT Quad Port LP Server Adapter _2 (and so forth)

I want to monitor this nic as follows:

And this is not working. The probleem seems to be in the name of the Instance (-I "TEAM : lan…), and there are quite a few spaces and special characters there. Can anyone tell me how need to escape these characters?


I found out what i was doing wrong… (afraid to say really…)
I forgot an underscore in the Instance name. It wasn’t visible in the performance monitor. D’oh!


thanks for sharing the info… how did you find out?

Hi Luca,

sorry for the late answer. I found out by starting all over again, just rebuild the command and looked good at what i was doing. Just as they say: Look twice, cut once :smiley: