Windows 2012 vga video card driver issue

I’m fairly new to KVM and wrestling with the video settings for windows server 2012.

I need higher resolutions than the 1280×1024 afforded me by the “cirrus” video card option, but when I use “vga” instead, it doesn’t even allow me to change my resolutions; I’m stuck at 1024x768. This is strange to me, as I have a windows 2008 vm that uses the “vga” option and has around a dozen resolution options. I noticed that when I open the windows device manager in my Windows 2008 vm, it lists the video card as “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter” and the monitor as “Generic Non-PnP Monitor on Standard VGA graphics Adapter”. On the windows 2012 vm, the video card is “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” and the monitor is simply “Generic Non-PnP Monitor.” Is this a driver issue?

Has anyone else come across this issue? If so, what did you do to solve it? I suspect that I need a different driver, but I don’t know what driver to download. I’ve tried windows’ automatic driver update thing and that did nothing.

We know it’s a old post, but was as well one of our questions when we started our tests, and maybe can help others…

To install VGA drivers on a Windows guest (asuming you have the QXL video card), you need the spice drivers.
You can find it on the website on the “Guest” section.

Hope it can help!