Windows 7 beta?


Hi all,

Has anyone tried the Windows 7 beta as guest on KVM? Will that work?


Running Win7RC. Problems are:

(1) No DHCP. Hard coding the magic QEMU numbers 10.0.2.* will get you network/Internet access though.
(2) No sound.Installing the latest Realtek ac97 lets Win7 recognize the presence of an ac97 card, but the virtual device remain inoperative. (For comparison, wound works under Virtualbox 2.2.2.)


[quote=“Evert”]Hi all,

Has anyone tried the Windows 7 beta as guest on KVM? Will that work?[/quote]

I’m using the true windows 7 (not RC, I subscribe to technet). I installed it last week. It’s working, and I have dhcp as a client. I also have Server 2008 with two interfaces, initially were dhcp, but changed these to static.

I noticed the last reply was in May. Perhaps there has been some changes to make the dhcp networking function better. I had no hassles.

Now I’m attempting to make a virtual private network between my domain controller (server 2008) and windows 7 guest operating systems. Also, another network for my two RHEL 5.3 servers, one to run DHCP, NFS/NIS (maybe LDAP), samba.

Is a private network possible for KVM? That is, has anyone here done it? My initial attempt resulted in no ping for the systems with a NIC on that isolated network I created under KVM.

  • I’ve only been seriously using KVM on and off for a couple of weeks. I’m attempting something other than VMware (something for the VMware forum, not this one).


KVM works just fine, even with private networks. However, if you’re just starting with it, I can recommend Virtual Machine Manager to simplify some tasks. 8)