Windows 7 "Tri-Boot": Ubuntu / real Windows / virtual Window



I have a dual boot computer with Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7 Prof (both 64 bit) installed. I want to have a ‘tri boot’ system, so that I can boot Windows when Ubuntu is started in a virtual machine (KVM).

This worked a time ago with Gentoo and Windows XP. Since Windows 7 (and Vista AFAIK) does no longer support hardware profiles, to reach this goal seems to get harder.

What I have done until now: I installed the “Red Hat VirtIO SCSI driver” by booting Windows normally and clicking on “install legacy hardware” in the device manager. To allow loading, I activated the Windows test mode and test-signed the driver. Windows says the driver was correct installed, but is unable to start since there is no hardware – that’s ok. Now booting in the virtual machine causes windoes to “STOP” with 0x7b which means “inaccessable boot device”. I guess from the output of booting into safe mode (which also fails wich 0x7b) that the driver is loaded.

Booting into the Windows startup repair tool I can’t see my hard disk until I manually load the viostor-Driver, but then everything seems fine.

Conclusion: The driver seems to work when manually loaded and seems to be loaded at system boot, so what I am doing wrong?

Any help is welcome!