Windows check


I’m new in Nagios.
I’ve configured with success Nagios and NSClient++ for local windows server.
How I can configure Nagios in passive mode for control disk,cpu,ram of my windows client which are behind firewall?
Do you have a simple howto?
thank you


i dont’ remeber ntclient working in passive mode. i think you will have to open up the firewall, or install a remote nagios machine behind the firewall and have that one work the active checks and send them back to your main nagios.


You need to open port 5667 (by default) in your firewall on the client end for outgoing and 5667 (by default) on your nagios/nsca server end (incoming). Then the NSClient++ can communicate with the server.

Passive mode is fine with NSClient++ as long as you set the variables within nagios.cfg etc and nsca.cfg and the nsc.ini files to reflect that.

The documentation on each are clear on how to do this.



I’ve configured NCSA on windows and it send “CPU Load” to Nagios but when windows server it’s offline, Nagios report “OK”.
It’s possible setting timeout? I would which if Nagios not receive “CPU Load update”, it’s set state “CRITICAL”?
thank you


i think that’s the freshness check.


oh yes! thank you very well!!! :stuck_out_tongue: