Windows Services monitoring Switche Groups


Hello Everyone,

I’m new to Nagios and just finish installing it on a Ubuntu 8.10 box. I was able to follow the steps and enable windows.cfg ans switch.cfg with very little effort. I’m currently monitoring 15 Windows 2003 server which I installed the NSclient++ with very little effort. I could see both host grouping on the Nagios Web Console but here is the problem, my Switches are showing 7 critical services and when I drill down the services are the ones that were assigned to the Windows Server groups, did I do something wrong here? Also I just want to ping these routers since I dont have SNMP enabled yet, what can I do to disable the snmp checks, just comment the lines out?




It sounds like you might have included your switches in perhaps a hostgroup that you assigned to your windows server service checks. Ensure if you are using hostgroups, they are different for your windows servers and switches. Post one of the service object definitions here if needs be.

Yep. & restart nagios…




Thanks, I figure it out and it was exactly that.

Thanks again…