WinXP Unknown PCI Driver Ven 1AF4 Dev 0022

I just migrated an old XP physical machine to KVM. I installed the KVM virtio drivers for windows but I am still left with a single unknown PCI device in the device mangler (oops mean manager :slight_smile: ). The information in the “Details” tab for the device is:

It would appear that this is some sort of audio device, but after a few hours of searching in google I can not find any reference to the device or an associated driver, only that the Vendor ID is issued to RedHat.

Everything else seems to be working, although I don’t have speakers/headphone handy to check audio ( other audio drivers /devices seem to have installed OK). Not at all a priority, I was just interested if anyone here knew what this device is and if there is an associated driver for the device ( it may not exist yet, and that’s OK).